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AGFA is a worldwide leading supplier of equipment and consumables for the printing industry in a wide range of sectors. The AGFA Dubai branch provides various commercial and industrial printing equipment and supplies for different applications, including for the manufacturing of signage and all types of displays, a sector that is currently expanding in the Middle East. They offer the latest technologies in wide format inkjet printers, dedicated inks for any type of project and the workflow automation software needed for the best efficiency in the process. They provide many types of wide format printers with different features, depending on the application they are designed for. 

There are options created for great productivity in higher workloads, featuring automatic vacuum systems for media transport, automatic board feeding systems and ink droplet control for high quality prints. These are usually used for banners, posters, exhibition graphics, mock ups, backlit or front lit signs, labels, architectural and interior decorations and ceramics printing, as well as for many niche applications, like printing on wood, plastic objects, CDs or DVDs. 

Roll to roll UV curable inkjet printers provide superior quality on many types of media, including fabric, canvas, vinyl, plastic film, coated or uncoated paper and polyester,  and are mostly recommended for creating indoor and outdoor signs, billboards and building wraps. 

True flat bed UV curable printers come with a flat to roll option, while hybrid UV curable ones come with an integrated roll to roll system, and both types can be used for rigid as well as roll media. These have a robust industrial build, provide the most photorealistic print quality and are specifically designed for printing not only on paper, but also on foam board, cardboard,  reinforced or pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, different fabrics, corrugated board, composite aluminum, tile, drywall, glass and sheet metal.

The printers work with UV curable inks that it is recommended to be purchased from the same company. The inks offer high color vibrancy and great print durability and outdoor resistance, due to their good adhesion to the substrates.

Apart from printing equipment and supplies, AGFA Dubai provides versatile automatic cutting and finishing plotters with an automatic camera recognition system that captures the printed images and recognizes reference points. These also feature a high quality video projective system that clearly projects the cutting shapes on the surface, allowing the user to check the positioning and avoid any possible mistakes. They work with most of the materials used in sign making, including PVC, plastic, film, cardboard and foam, among others.