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AGFA Middle East

The AGFA Group develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of analog and digital imaging solutions mostly for the printing industry in a variety of sectors and the healthcare sector, but also for other applications in different industries.

AGFA Dubai provides complete solutions for the printing industry in the UAE, such as different types of equipment and supplies, including everything needed for aerial photography, electronic materials, membranes, photo tooling solutions, specialty foils and all types of synthetic papers.

Photography solutions are also offered, such as consumer and commercial imaging and photo products, including a great selection of digital cameras, camcorders, analog film rolls, single use cameras, flash memory cards, USB drives, digital photo frames, optical and magnetic storage media, LCD TVs, DVD players, projectors, binoculars, as well as supplies like ink cartridges and a variety of gloss, matte or satin finish photo paper.

They also provide different types of medical imaging solutions, mostly enterprise imaging solutions for the cardiology and radiology departments. These options enable the care providers in hospitals and medical clinics to create, exchange and manage comprehensive medical imaging records of the patients throughout the entire care process. The use of a single converged platform for all the clinical imaging processes of a patient makes the diagnostic process more efficient, delivering cost effective image storage and management, as well as allowing the access to the results of any imaging investigation data from multiple departments and enabling multidisciplinary communication and collaboration. By using this complete system, any hospital or health clinic can deliver diagnostic confidence and efficiency at all levels, by connecting the data from multiple types of equipment from different departments and sub-departments and providing deeply integrated next generation reports and letting the physicians focus more on the patient care procedures.

Whether you are passionate about photography and you are looking for the latest technologies on the market or you are a professional photographer looking to optimize the photo and printing process of your business, AGFA Dubai offers all the equipment and supplies you need for any photography needs you might have.

If you represent a printing company looking for the most efficient systems for any type of printing applications, you will more than sure find the most suitable solutions for your business.


Also, if you are the representative of a hospital or any other health care clinic trying to find the most advanced imaging systems in the industry, in order to simplify the diagnostic process and to enhance the collaboration between various disciplines, AGFA provides state of the art imaging platforms for exchanging and managing any details relevant for a rapid diagnostic and the most suitable care process for your patients.