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AGFA in Dubai

AGFA is a worldwide leading supplier of equipment and consumables for the printing industry in a wide range of sectors. The AGFA Dubai branch provides various commercial and industrial printing equipment and supplies for different applications, including for the manufacturing of signage and all types of displays, a sector that is currently expanding in the Middle East. They offer the latest technologies in wide format inkjet printers, dedicated inks for any type of project and the workflow automation software needed for the best efficiency in the process. They provide many types of wide format printers with different features, depending on the application they are designed for. 

There are options created for great productivity in higher

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AGFA Dubai

The AGFA Group develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of analog and digital imaging solutions mostly for the printing industry in a variety of sectors and the healthcare sector, but also for other applications in different industries.

AGFA Dubai provides complete solutions for the printing industry in the UAE, such as different types of equipment and supplies, including everything needed for aerial photography, electronic materials, membranes, photo tooling solutions, specialty foils

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