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Signmakers and signwriters Middle East

Signmakers and signwriters design, manufacture, print and install different types of signs, including two or three dimensional ones, backlit ones, neon signs or signs with motion, made of different materials like metal, plastic, vinyl or glass and for a wide range of purposes, such as point of sale or promotional signs, shop window options, traffic and directional signs, vehicle body graphics or indoor signs, among other possible options.

With the expansion of businesses from many sectors in the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is an increased demand of commercial and advertising signs in the region. Considering this great demand, many leading signmakers and signwriters have emerged and established themselves in the market, offering solutions to local companies or well known international brands. They provide a great selection of signage possibilities, from 2D or 3D acrylic, epoxy letter, neon 2D or 3D, LED, acrylic molded or aluminum ones, to vehicle graphics, roll up stands, pop up stands, office name plates, traffic or directional signs, construction signs, broachers and flayers.

Every sign creation process starts with the design, which is made according to the criteria provided by the client, which can be a company from any sector or an institution. The designers take into consideration the requirements of the clients, in terms of graphics, colors and any other relevant specifications and create the most suitable artwork, in order to cover all the needs in every project. Depending on the type of sign, the preferable material is chosen, together with the most suitable printing method, digital or screen printing. Every sign is manufactured in the wanted size and sometimes with different features required by the client. For commercial and advertising purposes, usually digital printing is preferred, as it is cheaper than the other method, especially if only one or a few signs are needed. High resolution digital print media can easily be applied in most sign making projects, as it provides the desired graphic without the effort of creating various screens and applying inks of different colors one by one. The installation of the indoor or outdoor sign is also provided, together with the other services.


No matter what your requirements in terms of signage are, the providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have on their offer the highest quality signs and total solutions from designing, manufacturing, printing and installing to repairing services, to residential, commercial, industrial or governmental clients in the UAE and in many other countries in the Middle East. They can assure you that the products they deliver are created using only high quality materials and inks, as well as the latest technologies in the industry. Having experience with many companies and institutions in the region, you can be sure of the high standards of the products and services they provide, for any small or large project. Their teams of professionals have the ability to guide and advise you of the best suited needs for the project, as well as to adapt to all the specifications for your desired sign or system of signs you need.