Together with the increase in the number of businesses in many different sectors, that found their place on the growing Dubai market lately, there can also be noticed an increased demand for all types of signage. Many companies in the region have specialized in the manufacturing of signs, catering mostly to the advertising needs of the retail, hospitality and transportation sectors, while others have specialized in the distribution of all the sign equipment and supplies needed for any project. 

Finding the most suitable signage equipment for the types of services that you intend to provide is the first step in starting a manufacturing business in this sector. Apart from the purposes of the signs that you are looking to produce, considering whether they will be used indoors or outdoors, there are a few other factors on which you should base your decision, such as the minimum and the maximum size of the final products, the thicknesses of the various substrates you will be working with, the desired durability, especially in the case of outdoor signage, as well as the types of application surface that might require specific machinery.

The basic equipment that you need for starting the business includes vinyl cutting plotters, large format printers, wide format laminators, trimmers, heat press machines, routers and engravers. The printers that accommodate larger formats allow you to print on a variety of substrates with different textures, like paper, cardboard or plastic, while the vinyl cutting plotters and trimmers enable you to create the perfect shape and also to cut individual vinyl pieces, like numbers, letters or different kinds of artwork, in order to be applied on the desired surface. Trimmers work on many different substrates, including all types of coated or uncoated paper in all finishes, vinyl and aluminum panels, among others. Laminators create a protective sealing that prevents scratches and other damage of the surface and fading of the colors, prolonging the durability of the product.

Apart from machinery, the suppliers also provide vinyl of various colors, magnetic rubber, many types of substrates, digital media, inks, brushes, adhesives and tapes, as well as cleaners, tools and other accessories.