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Screen printing services Dubai

There are many companies specialized in providing screen printing services in Dubai, offering solutions for both smaller or larger runs, depending on the application. The services include applying different types of artwork or logo branding to a wide range of products, from plastic objects to clothing items. The objects that can be printed using this method include plastic bottles, pens, promotional items, tees for sports teams, school uniforms, totes, cushions, pillow cases, bed linen, towels, hats and canvas shoes, among many other.

The process of screen printing on all of these types of objects includes a few steps. Firstly, comes the creation of the desired design for the artwork, according to the requirements and specifications of

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Screen printing services in Dubai

Screen printing is a popular printing method, used due to its lower costs than other printing options and to the fact that it can be used on a variety of substrates and in a wide range of applications.

There are many companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that offer a wide range of screen printing services for products from different industries, mostly in the textile and commercial sectors. The industry which makes the most use of this technique is the garment production industry, as it can

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