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Screen printing, although used in many other applications, is the most preferred method for applying artwork to different products made of fabric, such as clothes, canvas shoes and bags, among others. The process implies separating the layers for each color from the artwork and transforming them into stencils that are used one by one for applying the inks to the fabric. The colors obtained through this method are vibrant even on darker materials, this being the reason why it is one of the best options for garments, especially if no shading or gradient colors are needed. However, due to the set up time required for each project and the costs of creating the stencils, this method is usually efficient only in the case of larger runs.

If you want to start a business in this sector or you want to replace old or malfunctioning machinery that you already use, you can choose from the wide range of screen printing equipment offered by the suppliers in Dubai. They provide products with the latest technologies on the market to companies in the UAE and in other countries in the Middle East.

When deciding what types of machinery to purchase, it is important to know what you need for the applications you intend to specialize in, as well as to set a budget. The basic equipment needed for starting a company specialized in this type of printing includes a six color manual press, which allows you to print almost anything on many different substrates, a conveyor dryer, a flash dryer, if you want to print on dark garments, an exposure unit with a pinpoint light source or a UV light one, a washout sink specifically designed for your applications, a power washer for reclaiming screens for reusing them, a heat press, which is necessary for team printing, a film output device, various screens and squeegees, scales for weighing inks, quart containers for mixing the inks, a spotting gun for cleaning any drips, scoop coaters, various brushes for applying the different substances required during the process, tape guns for securing the inside part of the screens before printing, a tension meter for knowing the exact tension applied to the screen and different printer accessories like a jacket hold down or a vacuum platen, which are needed only for specific applications. All of these can be purchased from screen printing equipment suppliers in Dubai, who can also recommend the most suitable options for your processes and in a price range that matches your available budget.