Screen printing is a method of printing that involves creating different stencils, also known as screens in the industry, for each specific job, and then using the screens to apply layers of ink of different colors on the printing surface. Each specific screen for each color that is intended to use for a print, is applied one at a time, so that the colors are layered in order to achieve the desired final look. It is considered one of the most versatile printing options, as it can be used on many substrates of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Also, it allows the creation of different artworks and effects that would not be possible with other printing methods.

The method is mostly used for printing advertising banners and signs, for applying prints on T-shirts, caps, bags or other types of specialty products made of a variety of fabrics, as well as for a wide range of other products that have curved or uneven surfaces that require manual handling when an artwork is printed on them, such as mugs, plastic cups or bottles, among many others. The ink is applied thicker than in the case of digital printing, which allows the application of brighter, more vivid colors, even on darker fabrics or other materials. This type of printing works best in applications like printed artworks on cotton, cotton blend fabrics, silk, polyester or other synthetic materials used in various industries and also for posters, banners, signs, flyers, stickers, CD covers, ads for different vehicles like cars, trucks or buses and different vinyl or wood products.

Printing equipment suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide all sorts of screen printing equipment needed for different types of products or projects, according to the requirements of the client. Their offer includes a great variety of printers, screens for general purposes, screens for creating fine lines or puffs, squeegees, multi color manual presses, heat presses, conveyor dryers, flash dryers, exposure units, washout sinks and power washers, film output devices, mixing systems, scales for weighing inks in the mixing systems, quart containers for use in mixing ink colors, spotting guns for cleaning any possible drips, drops and fingerprints from printed garments, brushes, tape guns for taping the inside of the screens before printing, temperature tapes, re-tension frames, tension meters, vacuum platens and black, white and different colors of inks together with ink degraders, degreasers, curable reducers, adhesives, emulsions and emulsion removers needed for the process.


With their professional skills and their experience of working with numerous companies in the UAE and in other countries in the Middle East, the suppliers can recommend the most suitable equipment for your printing needs and your business requirements. The great selection of equipment available on their offers would more than sure suit any specifications for the production of a diversity of products from many sectors, including also. apart from clothing items and ceramic objects, balloons, printed electronics, product labels, skateboard and snowboard graphics and different plastic objects.