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Recycling and reusing different plastic, glass or paper products is very popular nowadays, and although not as widely known as for other materials, scrap metal recycling is an important sector in the industry and many companies specialized in this sector have emerged on the market in the last years. 

Scrap merchants in Dubai offer competitive prices for different types of metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass and iron. Although they usually work with people from different trades, especially in the construction and car repairing industries, who bring important quantities of steel beams from structures, copper piping, brass fixtures, wires and car parts, people from the private sector are also encouraged to bring unused metal objects and parts from their homes, yards or garages, in order to be recycled and for getting money for them.

Copper is one of the metals that can bring you the highest amount of money when you recycle it and can be found in plumbing pipes, roofing materials, inside air conditioning systems and in wiring systems, underneath the colored insulation. Aluminum is usually brought in bulk, since it is light, and can be found in soda cans, gutters, siding, window frames and doors, among many others. Brass is a very heavy metal that is mid-level priced and can be found in many types of hardware, keys, door handles, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Steel is one of the most common metal used in a variety of applications, but, however, it can rust easily and is also not very valuable. It can be found in car parts and in many household objects and due to its low price, it is usually collected only in greater quantities.

Some of the scrap merchants in Dubai accept all types of metal, if it is sorted, while others specialize in one particular type, so if you are interested in taking any unnecessary objects you might have for collection, it is advisable to firstly call the merchants in order to see if they accept the specific type of metal that you want to bring. While most of them require you to bring the scrap metal to their collection points, some also provide pick up services from your location in the UAE, in the case of considerable quantities. Scrap metal recycling provides energy and environment saving solutions for creating resources for the manufacturing industry in many sectors.