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Scrapping is the process of collecting recyclable materials, especially metals, but also some kinds of non metallic materials left over from the production or consumption of different products, like parts and components from cars or other vehicles or construction supplies. There are specialized firms in the industry that address their services to both private as well as business sectors, advertising their solutions for removing scrap metal or other materials that can be recycled in a convenient way, for persons or manufacturers who do not need them anymore and need them to be transported away from their homes or business locations.

Since the construction sector in the Middle East, especially in the UAE is rapidly growing nowadays and is expected to grow even more in the next years, there is a higher demand of scarp collecting services from the building sites.

Scrap merchants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offer full services of collecting and transporting away from any location of the client for different old or defunct objects and left over pieces made of or containing any types of recycling materials, including all types of metal, vehicles or just car parts, cables, cans, window frames, electronic equipment, lawnmowers, industrial machinery, as well as considerable quantities of paper or cardboard in some cases, paying competitive prices for them. However, the most wanted material for recycling is metal. The value of the scrap depends on the types of materials you provide and the quantities of those materials. For example, for copper you can get a greater return value, as it is one of the most needed metal for recycling. It can be found in motors, a wide range of wiring, toasters or plumbing fixtures. Brass, aluminum and steel can also be recycled, but for lower prices compared to copper. Brass can be found in locks, valves, ammunition, musical instruments and sanitary fittings. Aluminum is lighter and also cheaper, but it is widely available in a lot of objects for everyday use, such as beverage cans or household tins and also in vehicle bodies and some types of cabling. Steel is also collected, although it is the least lucrative metal, and usually it can be found in kitchen utensils or hubcaps.


If you are looking to get rid of any old or unused objects in your basement or yard or any household items, or you want discarded items from your neighborhood to be removed, especially if they contain larger metal parts, scrap merchants in the UAE can offer you the services you need, paying the most competitive prices for what you provide. Also, if you want to replace different kinds of machinery or equipment from your manufacturing plant, factory or office, they will come and pick up the objects, at very good rates, depending on their size and the quantity of materials that can be recycled. All of these merchants comply to some of the most advanced environmental policies in the region, encouraging the recycling process of many materials, before discarding them.