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Printing Plates Dubai

Screen printing is a method which is sometimes preferred for specific applications where digital printing might not offer the same results. This technique is mostly used for applying artworks or logos on a wide range of products made of different materials, such as mugs, plastic cups and bottles, textiles, notebooks, pens and other promotional items. 

Printing equipment and supplies providers in Dubai offer all the equipment and accessories needed for the process, including presses, screens, inks, films and all types of standard products that can be branded and deliver their products in the UAE, as well as in other neighboring countries in the Middle East. 

If you want to specialize in this sector, it is important that before you

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Printing plates in Dubai

Offset printing is a technique of mass production prints that implies the transfer of different images from metal plates to rubber rollers and then to the print media, which is usually paper, but sometimes also canvas or other materials. This method is considered to be one of the most cost effective and fast turnaround types of printing for large quantities and mass production in the publishing, media and packaging industries. The high speed and high volume production makes this type of

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