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Considering the development of the free market, the liberal trade policies that exclude any corporate or personal taxes and the development of the infrastructure that provides an easy access to different markets in the Middle East, Dubai has attracted many investors, in a variety of sectors, in the last few years.

Printed materials are used in a way or another by any type of business, from any industry, so together with the expansion of other sectors, there is also an increased demand for different printing services.

There are many suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that provide printing equipment and materials for any type of business in the printing industry, specialized in different areas, such as sign printing, screen printing, business cards, standard documents, brochures or flyers printing, among many others. Their printing equipment and materials offer includes a variety of plate setters, laser printers, printing presses, digital printing presses, pre press workstations, scanners,  storage and file acquisition systems and different binding machinery, like stitching machines, trimmers, cutting systems with joggers and scales, computer controlled paper cutters, folders, multiple head drills, conveyor dryers, flash dryers, exposure units, electronic numbering machines and shrink wrapping machines, as well as different types of inks, including oxidizing inks, sublimation inks and UV cured inks, pigments, solvents, hardeners, retarders, adhesion modifiers, matting agents, anti static agents, different colors of paper that can be used either with inkjet or laser printers, universal bond paper, universal coated paper, heavyweight coated paper, gloss, satin or matte photo paper, vellum paper, natural tracing paper, wall paper, matte or satin canvas, light textile banners, heavy textile banners, reinforced banners, spray adhesives,  universal adhesive vinyl, colorfast adhesive vinyl, self adhesive gloss or matte polypropylene, backlit films, clear films, matte films, opaque scrims, emulsions, degreasers and brushes, used for screen printing.

Printing systems play the most important role in this industry. Choosing the right printer for your business depends on the services and the type of printing that your company specializes in. Suppliers in the UAE provide a wide range of printers, including inkjet, laser, screen and offset versions. For example, if you intend to specialize in sign, banner  or label printing, you should opt for an extra wide inkjet printer. If you are going to use the printer for business cards or documents, the best options would be laser or offset printers. For printing on different products made of fabric, such as T-shirts, caps or bags, the most suitable type would be a screen printer.

If you are looking to purchase the latest technology in printing equipment and the highest quality materials you need for printing, you can choose from a great number of suppliers in the UAE, who can offer you the most suitable and cost efficient solutions for your business. No matter what type of products you intend to print, having the best printing presses and cutters, together with high quality inks and other materials, can ensure the success you want and make your clients come back.