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Printing equipment and materials Dubai

The Gulf Print and Pack exhibition, which is one of the most popular ones in the Middle East region, was held this year at the Dubai World Trade Center and there were presented the latest trends and technologies in printing equipment and materials. The 3D printing, virtual design and scanning solutions, used in a variety of applications, seemed to be one of the major trends in the industry, the visitors also showing great interest in these technologies. For the moment, this type of printing is mostly used in the packaging sector for blow molding, thermoforming and vacuum forming, being used only on demand, usually for short runs of products. However, it is expected to grow significantly in the following months, since more and more

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Printing equipment and materials in Dubai

Considering the development of the free market, the liberal trade policies that exclude any corporate or personal taxes and the development of the infrastructure that provides an easy access to different markets in the Middle East, Dubai has attracted many investors, in a variety of sectors, in the last few years.

Printed materials are used in a way or another by any type of business, from any industry, so together with the expansion of other sectors, there is also an increased demand for

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