Large format printers in Dubai

Since many industries experience a rapid growth in the UAE nowadays, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the large format printing industry, which is closely related to many other sectors, is also expanding, catering to the increased demand of printing solutions for signage and construction and architecture related documents of larger sizes, among many other prints of greater dimensions needed in a wide range of sectors. 

The most important segments of this industry, that see the highest demand in the Middle East, are technical printing, including solutions for architectural, GIS, engineering and other construction related documents, production printing which provides options for posters, different types of indoor and outdoor signs

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Larger format printers in Dubai

The printing industry is a vast sector that implies solutions for a variety of products. For the products that can not fit in a regular sized printer, there are larger format printers, which come in different widths, to suit any type of project. There is an increased demand of large format signs and displays on the UAE market, and it continues to grow in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, due to the expansion of the transportation, retail, building and hospitality sectors in the region. Larger prints of

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